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Dzogchen Cycles Retreat, October 6-7, 2017
Now available by application on an a la carte basis to those not currently enrolled in Dzogchen Cycles.
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A Revealed Practice (Ter) by Adzom Paylo Rinpoche.
In this second retreat of Dawn Mountain’s Dzogchen Cycles program, Lamas Rigzin Drolma and Namgyal Dorje will teach Adzom Rinpoche’s revealed practice of Becoming Guru Rinpoche – a method for recognizing our own real nature. Rinpoche has imbued this teaching with blessings, empowering and encouraging Anne and Harvey to offer it this fall or the first time in the west.
Tradition holds that Guru Rinpoche introduced tantric traditions to Tibet in the 8th century and also deposited special teachings to be discovered and revealed by at the right times by appropriate teachers according to prophesy.
This retreat brings to light just such a treasure. Rigzin Drolma first received it from Rinpoche in 2009, and has sat with him several times since to clarify key points and complete the translation. Harvey participated in the most recent discussion, when Rinpoche wholeheartedly urged them to share this practice with receptive students.  Like the greatest Dzogchen writings, it is at once simple and profound.
According to Anne, “Our hearts have been moved by this teaching, and we are excited to share it with all of you.”
This retreat is included in the Dzogchen Cycles program; Cycles students are expected to participate either in person or online.  Others are warmly invited to apply to attend online by September 20.  Please note:  you must submit an application to participate in this retreat, but it is offered to non-Cycles students on an a la carte basis only; admission to the Dzogchen Cycles program is currently closed. 
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